2022-2023 Academic BLUEprint 
    Jul 19, 2024  
2022-2023 Academic BLUEprint [Archived]

Summer 2023 Refund and Withdrawal Schedule

Summer 2023 Term Term Dates

Last Day to Add

Last Day to Drop/ Withdraw with 100% refund

Last Day for 75% Refund Last Day for 50% Refund Last Day for 25% Refund Last Day to Drop/Withdraw
11-week (Full Term) 5/22/23-08/4/23 May 26th May 31st June 4th June 9th July 13th

3-week (3A)

5/22/23-6/9/23 May 22nd May 24th May 25th May 26th

June 5th

7-week 5/22/23-7/7/23 May 24th May 27th May 30th June 2nd June 24th
4-week (4C) 5/22/23-6/16/23 May 23rd May 25th May 26th May 28th June 9th
5-week (5A) 5/30/23-6/30/23 May 31st June 2nd June 5th June 7th June 22nd
10-week (10) 5/30/23-8/4/23 June 2nd June 7th June 11th June 16th July 17th

4-week (4A)

6/12/23-7/7/23 June 13th June 15th June 16th June 18th June 30th
5-week (5C) 6/12/23-7/14/23 June 13th June 15th June 18th June 20th July 5th

8-week (8)

6/12/23-8/4/23 June 15th June 18th June 22nd June 25th July 20th
5-week (5B) 7/3/23-8/4/23 July 5th July 6th July 9th July 11th July 26th
4-week (4B) 7/10/23-8/4/23 July 11th July 13th July 14th July 16th July 28th

Note: The grade of “W” is assigned to all withdrawn/dropped courses, after the 100% refund.  Grades of “W” are not included in the GPA calculation.