2022-2023 Academic BLUEprint 
    Dec 06, 2023  
2022-2023 Academic BLUEprint [Archived]

Degree Progress

ISU is committed to helping students graduate on time. ISU students use the degree audit and other tools provided in MySAM to track their progress towards graduation.

All undergraduate degree-seeking students can access their degree audits online at any time. A degree audit is a record of degree requirements, including courses needed for the program of study (for example, major, minor) and Foundational Studies (general education) as well as University requirements such as grades, grade point average, credit hours earned, and transfer courses accepted. The audit displays the student’s progress toward meeting each requirement and shows how ISU and transfer courses fulfill degree requirements.

Undergraduates can follow these instructions for using MySAM.

These tools are used primarily for academic advising, course scheduling, and certification for graduation. While efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the degree audits and plans of study, it is the student’s responsibility to make sure s/he meets all degree requirements. The only official documentation of a student’s academic record is an official transcript.

Sycamore Graduation Guarantee

Indiana State University announced a four-year graduation guarantee for students enrolling fall 2012 and beyond. This guarantee assures eligible students they will be able to complete a bachelor’s degree within four years. If not, they will be able to take remaining courses tuition free. Starting fall 2022 undergraduate degree-seeking full-time freshman applicants are included in the Sycamore Graduation Guarantee automatically.

The Agreement

This agreement applies to all degree programs of 128 semester hours or fewer.

Student Responsibilities and Eligibilty
  1. Apply and attend Indiana State University as an undergraduate degree-seeking full-time freshman applicant.
  2. Acknowledge they have read and understood the student responsibilities by authorizing the Sycamore Graduation Guarantee Student Responsibilities in their MyISU Portal.
  3. Meet with their designated advisor to develop a four-year plan to identify the courses they must complete each semester to stay on course to graduate within four years. Students assume responsibility for monitoring their progress-to-degree by utilizing the degree reporting tool (MySAM) and are required to meet with their advisor each semester to ensure that they stay on track.
  4. Follow appropriate course sequencing (as defined in the MySAM plan) and completing prerequisites and required grades for progression.
  5. Must be admitted to a degree applicable major by the end of their second semester. If a change of major is approved, it must be done in time to meet the requirements of the new major and graduate within the original four-year time period.
  6. Remain in good academic standing each term/semester (by both institutional and major standards).
  7. Complete between 30-32 degree applicable credit hours each academic year. Academic year is defined as fall/spring/summer for summer/fall applicants; spring/summer/fall for spring applicants.
  8. Monitor their progress and email their designated advisor and the Guarantee program at stayontrack@indstate.edu during the priority registration period if unable to register for a required course needed to meet progression/graduation standards.
  9. Ensure they have no holds blocking registration for courses during the priority registration period.
  10. Summer/fall applicants must Apply for graduation by October 1 prior to their spring/summer graduation; Spring applicants must apply for graduation by February 1 prior to their fall graduation.

At various points, students may fall out of compliance with the agreement due to financial constraints, academic performance, change of major and other issues. Students should work with their advisors to determine what options (summer school, tutoring, etc.) may exist to address those issues and come back into compliance.

University Responsibilities
  1. Confirm a student’s eligibility into the graduation guarantee based on chosen program of study and any college preparation deficiencies.
  2. Provide appropriate courses for the major to ensure that the degree can be completed during the four-year period.
  3. Provide access to quality advising throughout a student’s time at Indiana State.
  4. Provide tools, including but not limited to degree audit reporting to enable the student to monitor degree progression.
  5. Provide an annual assessment report indicating if the student is on track to graduate within four years (eight semesters) and, if not, what issues need to be addressed to get back into compliance with the agreement.
  6. If a student is unable to graduate within four years (eight semesters) due to the unavailability of required courses, the University may, when appropriate, allow the student to graduate by substituting a different course or an independent study assignment, as determined by the department and the college offering the student’s major.
  7. If course substitution is not an option, and the student is unable to graduate after completing four years (Eight semesters) and complying with all terms of this agreement, Indiana State will pay the tuition and mandatory fees for any additional required courses*.

*The student must request a course substitution or waiver of tuition and mandatory fees prior to the beginning of classes for the last semester of the student’s four-year plan. The waiver of tuition and mandatory fees will be limited to the required course work and does not extend to any other costs of attendance including room and board fees and textbooks. All other fees will be the responsibility of the student.

MySam Instructions

MySAM is a suite of tools that includes a plan of study, advising notes, and GPA calculators in addition to the degree audit. These tools promote academic success and four-year graduation.

Overview of MySAM Tools

  • Degree Audit: The degree audit shows academic requirements, grades, GPA, and course history (unofficial transcript). It also shows how completed or transferred courses fulfill degree requirements.
  • Plan of Study: A student’s plan of study is a term-by-term recommended sequence of courses. Students who follow the plan and successfully complete their coursework can expect to graduate in four years.
  • GPA Calculators: There are three types of GPA calculators to help students assess their expected and desired grade point average.
  • Notes: Advisors can leave recommendations, suggestions, and other advice in the notes section of the student’s degree audit and/or plan of study.

To access MySAM and see your individualized degree audit and/or plan of study:

  1. Go to https://isuportal.indstate.edu and use your University ID and password to log in to the portal.
  2. Select the “Student Self-Service” badge.
  3. On the bottom left, under the “My Degree Program” section, select “MySAM – My Student Academic Map

For more information, visit www.indstate.edu/registrar/mysam