2022-2023 Academic BLUEprint 
    Jun 16, 2024  
2022-2023 Academic BLUEprint [Archived]

Scheduling Information

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Advising Coordinator Office Locations

College of Arts and Sciences Associate Dean’s Office Stalker Hall 209      (812) 237-2781
Scott College of Business Student Services Federal Hall 124 (812) 237-2023
Bayh College of Education Academic Advising University Hall 115 (812) 237-3131
College of Graduate and Professional Studies Dean’s Office Jones Hall 2nd Floor (812) 237-3005
College of Health and Human Services Associate Dean’s Office CHHS Rm 407 (812) 237-3113
School of Nursing Nursing Student Affairs CHHS 301 (812) 237-2316
College of Technology Student Services College of Technology 101 (812) 237-2987
Exploratory Studies University College Advising Normal Hall (812) 237-2300

University College

Dean’s Office Normal Hall

(812) 237-3940

Distance Education

Additional information about distance courses can be obtained by contacting the Office of Extended Learning at 812-237-2345, e-mail to indianastate@indstate.edu or visit the website online.    

Availability on specific distance education courses can be found using the Dynamically Searchable Schedule of Classes using the “Scheduling Type Attributes” group.  This website can be found online.

Priority Scheduling

Graduate students may register from the first day eligible through the last day of priority scheduling.

Undergraduate students may register according to their total number of earned hours, which can be found on the student’s degree audit report. They may register any time from the first day eligible through the last day of priority scheduling. All undergraduate students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor prior to registration. See the Advising Coordinator Office Locations listed above.

Non-degree students may register for courses during the open enrollment session.

  Summer 2022/Fall 2022 Spring 2023 Summer 2023/Fall 2023

SENIORS 6:30am (earned 90 credit hours)

(Honors Students at 7am)

April 11-April 24 November 7-November 20 April 10-April 23


April 12-April 24 November 8-November 20 April 11-April 23

JUNIORS 6:30am

(earned 60 credit hours)

April 14-April 24 November 10-November 20 April 13-April 23


(earned 30 credit hours)

April 18-April 24 November 14-November 20 April 17-April 23


(earned 29 or fewer credit hours)

April 21-April 24 November 17-November 20 April 20-April 23


(All degree and non degree seeking students)

April 25-August 22 November 21-January 17 April 24-May 22


Registration Instructions

To schedule courses, log into the MyISU portal:

  • Click on portal.indstate.edu
  • Enter your University ID and password
  • Click on Student Self Service
  • Click on Register (Add/Drop Classes) under Academic Resources tab
  • Click on Select Term
  • Enter advisement PIN (if applicable; see below)
  • Follow instructions for registration on the Scheduling Page

Scheduling will be unavailable on specific dates for billing and official file processing. Notifications will be posted on the Office of the Registrar’s webpage.

You cannot register for classes in a term past your graduation date for which you have applied. In order to register, you must either be admitted to another program or update your graduation term if degree requirements have not been met. 

By completing registration, students are financially responsible for all applicable fees by the published due date(s). Tuition is based on residency and the number of credit hours in which a student enrolls.

Requisite Information:

Many courses have mandatory prerequisites or co-requisites listed in the academic catalog or in the Dynamic Schedule of Classes.  Each student is responsible for meeting the published prerequisites or co-requisites for each registered course.  After each registration and grading period, colleges, schools, and departments may review the completion of prerequisites and co-requisites of registered students.  The academic units have the authority to administratively drop a student from a course for which the student has not fulfilled the published prerequisites or co-requisites.

Advisement PIN Information

Students requiring an advisement PIN must obtain the number from their advisor. The following students do not require an advisement PIN to register and will not be prompted for an advisement PIN:

  • Undergraduate students who are in good academic standing and have 60 or more earned hours
  • Undergraduate non-degree students
  • Graduate students who are in good academic standing
  • Graduate unclassified students

Initial advisement PIN assignments are generated in October for Spring priority registration and March for Summer and Fall priority registration.  After the initial PIN assignment, PINs are generated twice a day for newly admitted students.  PIN assignments are generated based on student’s completed earned hours and academic standing. 

Scheduling Changes

Adding Classes: Classes may be added up until the last day of the term with proper approval. For specific dates see the scheduling calendars at the beginning of this document. Instructor’s signature is required if the class is at capacity and/or if the course has already started.

Dropping Classes: Classes may be dropped from your schedule without signatures through the last day to drop as listed in the academic calendar. If you are dropping all of your classes, you must follow the withdrawal instructions.


A $100 Late Registration Fee is assessed to a student who initially registers on or after the first official day of the fall/spring semesters, regardless of course start date.  The late registration fee is not charged during the summer term.  This fee is not refundable after the 100% refund period.

A $30 Change of Schedule Fee is assessed on days in which a student makes adjustments to their schedule, effective the first start date of the course(s).

A $100 Student Recreation Center Fee is assessed when a student enrolls in 6 or more on-campus (campus code 1 on the searchable schedule) credit hours for fall/spring and $40 when a student enrolls in 3 or more on-campus credit hours for summer, beginning with the first fee assessment of the respective term.

A $40 Health and Wellness Fee is assessed when a student enrolls in 6 or more on-campus (campus code 1 on the searchable schedule) credit hours for fall/spring and $20 when a student enrolls in 3 or more on-campus credit hours for summer, beginning with the first fee assessment of the respective term.

A Distance Education Delivery Fee of $30 per undergraduate course and $50 per graduate course will be assessed to online (campus code 3 on the searchable schedule) courses.

Students are also assessed for any applicable laboratory fees, course fees, program fees, and/or applied music fees in certain classes for supplies and equipment usage, and/or special instruction/supervision.

How to Calculate Refunds

Refund calculations are based on the date of the drop/withdrawal in the system and by published refund percentages. 

  • Student refunds for tuition and course fees are calculated based on the student’s liable hours after the drop/withdrawal.
  • Liable hours are the total hours a student is still registered plus the liable portion of the dropped/withdrawn course(s).               
Liable Hour Calculation Examples

Credit Hour(s) Dropped by Student

Drop Refund Percentage

Liable Portion of the Dropped/

Withdrawn Course

Example:  Student initially registers in 6 credit hours, drops (X) number of credit hours at (X) %.  What is the student’s liability?


(Add-Drop)*Refund= Liable dropped Hours




(0-1)*.75 = -.75; -.75+6 = 5.25 liable hours;

5 enrolled hours




(0-1)*.50 = -.50+6 = 5.50 liable hours;

5 enrolled hours




(0-1)*.25 = -.25+6 = 5.75 liable hours;

5 enrolled hours




(0-2)*.75 = -1.5+6 = 4.5 liable hours;

4 enrolled hours




(0-2)*.50 = -1+6 = 5 liable hours;

4 enrolled hours




(0-2)*.25 = -.5+6 = 5.5 liable hours;

4 enrolled hours




(0-3)*.75 = -2.25+6 = 3.75 liable hours;

3 enrolled hours




(0-3)*.50 = -1.5+6 = 4.5 liable hours;

3 enrolled hours




(0-3)*.25 = -.75+6  5.25 liable hours;

3 enrolled hours


  • Beginning with the 75% refunding period, dropping and adding of credit hours on the same (calendar) day (from 12am-11:59pm), is defined as “swapping”:
    • If the number of credit hours added equals the number of credit hours dropped, there is no additional liability; meaning there is no change in tuition assessment.
    • If the number of credit hours added is less than the number of dropped credit hours, the student may receive a partial refund, based on the published refund table.
    • If the number of credit hours added is more than the dropped hours, the student is liable for the additional liable credit hours.
  • Beginning with the 75% refunding period, if dropping and adding are done on different dates, swapping of credit hours does not occur.
  • Refunds are not given for a dropped course after the end of the refund period.
  • For withdrawals, the Late Registration Fee and Change of Schedule Fee are not refundable after the 100% refund period.
  • Course fees are assessed based on enrollment in specific courses and refunds are calculated on liable hours; lab fees are not eligible for swapping and will be refunded based on the published refund table.
Grading Policy for Dropped Courses:
No Grade April 11th-August 22rd November 7th-January 17th Varies

W grade assigned for

dropped/withdrawn course

August 23rd-October 31st January 18th-April 3rd Varies

*Grading Policy dates listed above are for standard 16-week terms and may vary based on the duration of the course. See chart above for details.


Official Withdrawal

“Official withdrawal” involves the student withdrawing from all classes for which he/she is registered as well as notifying appropriate administrative officials of his/her decision to leave the campus. If a student leaves without properly processing a withdrawal, the absences from class and from the campus will be justification for the grade of “F” to be assigned for the courses in which the student is enrolled.

Grading Policy

Grade determination: students who officially withdraw from the University by the last day to add (7th calendar day of a 16 week semester) will not have a grade or courses assigned to their transcript. After the last day to add and through the 11th week of classes, the grade of “W” will be given. Dates and deadlines for summer and shorter length classes vary based on the duration of the class. Please see the corresponding semester refund schedule above for specific information. “W” grades are not included in calculation of the grade point average.

Click here for more undergraduate withdrawal information.

 Fall 2022 Refund and Withdrawal Schedule  

Spring 2023 Refund and Withdrawal Schedule  

Summer 2023 Refund and Withdrawal Schedule