2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Aug 15, 2022  
2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived]

International Studies Program


International Studies Program
Advising Coordinator: Dr. Michael Chambers
Program Office: Holmtedt Hall, room 302
E-mail: mchambers3@indstate.edu
Coordinator for Academic Programs Abroad: Janis Halpern
Program Office: Stalker Hall, room 215
Web site: http://www.indstate.edu/studyabroad
Coordinator, Latin American Studies: Dr. Timothy Hawkins
Program Office: Stalker Hall, room 321
E-mail: thawkins@isugw.indstate.edu


The International Studies Program at Indiana State University was created to prepare students to be more effective in their chosen careers through the development of their international and intercultural competence. The program emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to international connections in political, economic, environmental, philosophical, and cultural systems. Through the program students have the opportunity to work with faculty experts, to interact with visiting scholars and students from around the world, and to gain personal experience through study or internships abroad.

Students with international studies degrees are competitive for positions in federal agencies (such as the Departments of State, Defense, Commerce, Agriculture, and Immigration and Naturalization) or state or local governmental offices involving international trade, tourism, and economic development, as well as in business enterprises, media, health care, education, and not-for-profit organizations.


The international studies curriculum is currently under revision. Students should consult with an international studies advisor about available courses when planning their schedule.

The International Studies Program offers three interdisciplinary curricula designed to educate students to live and work in an interdependent world: an international studies minor, a Latin American studies minor, and, in cooperation with the College of Business, an international business concentration.

International Studies Minor

The international studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that complements any major by combining course work from several key disciplines, including anthropology, history, geography, economics, and political science. The core courses in the minor encourage a global perspective, while the concentration allows students to focus their study on one world region or global theme. Work in the minor also includes a culminating research or study abroad experience. Students in the program are strongly advised to take a minimum of two years of foreign language and culture. Instruction is available in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

Successful completion of the minor entails careful planning. Students should design their programs of study in consultation with the International Studies Program advisor.

Latin American Studies—Latino Studies Minor

The Latin American—Latino studies minor provides students with an understanding of the region’s history, politics, economy, culture, and society, as well as the experiences of Latino origin populations in the United States. Students are strongly advised to take a minimum of two years of foreign language study and to pursue a study abroad experience.

Successful completion of the minor entails careful planning. Students should design their programs of study in consultation with the coordinator of Latin American studies.

International Business Concentration

The international business concentration, sponsored jointly by the College of Business and the College of Arts and Sciences, prepares students to function in a world characterized by increasing economic, technological, social, cultural, and environmental interdependence. The concentration is designed to offer basic business knowledge with a thorough interdisciplinary understanding of international issues. Students who complete the concentration fulfill the most common prerequisites for the master of business administration, thereby significantly reducing the amount of time required to complete the advanced degree.

The concentration is not an independent academic major, but rather, must be taken in conjunction with an academic major. Because of the number of courses required, some students will need more than eight semesters to complete the concentration. Students pursuing the concentration must meet with the International Studies Program advisor each semester.

Program Opportunities

The University is committed to providing an affordable array of study abroad programs at over 80 sites world-wide. Opportunities for full-year, semester, and summer to study in English or to pursue a foreign language make it possible for students to easily incorporate an international experience into their academic program.  The University supports students taking advantage of these opportunities through competitive scholarships and financial aid assistance.

Program and scholarship information can be obtained from the coordinator in Stalker Hall, room 215, or by visiting the Web site at www.indstate.edu/studyabroad/