2009-2010 Graduate Catalog 
    Nov 25, 2020  
2009-2010 Graduate Catalog [Archived]

Political Science

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Master of Arts
Master of Science
Master of Public Administration
Certificate of Advanced Study in Public Administration
Certificate in American Government and Politics
Certificate in International Politics
Certificate in Public Personnel Administration

Department of Political Science
Holmstedt Hall, room 301
Phone: 812-237-2430
E-mail: polisci@indstate.edu
Web site: http://www.indstate.edu/polisci/

Department Chairperson: Dr. Michael Chambers
Graduate Program Contact Persons: Dr. H. Michael Erisman (M.A.); Dr. Stan Buchanan (M.P.A.)

Phone: 812-237-2429 (M.A.); 812-237-2437 (M.P.A.)



Chambers, Michael R., Ph.D., Columbia University
Chairperson and Professor of Political Science
Specializations: International Relations, Comparative Politics, East Asia

Erisman, H. Michael, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
Professor of Political Science and Graduate Advisor
Specializations: International Relations, Political Economy, Latin American Affairs

Fernández, Gastón A., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin – Madison
Professor of Political Science
Specializations: Comparative Politics, Latin American Politics, International Relations

Perry, Glenn E., Ph.D., University of Virginia
Professor of Political Science
Specializations: Comparative Politics: Mideast, International Politics

Associate Professors

Buchanan, Stan, Ph.D. University of Tennessee
Director of the Master of Public Administration Program and
Associate Professor of Political Science
Specializations: Public Administration, State and Local Government, American Federalism

Maule, Linda S., Ph.D., Washington State University
Associate Professor of Political Science, Coordinator of General Education
Specializations: Constitutional Law, Judicial Recruitment and Process, Gender Politics

Rashid, Samory, Ph.D., University of Chicago
Associate Professor of Political Science
Specializations: Comparative Politics: Africa, International Relations, Political Economy

Van Sickel, Robert, Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara
Associate Professor of Political Science, Legal Studies Director
Specializations: Legal Studies, Political Theory

Assistant Professors

Klarner, Carl, Ph.D., Texas A&M University
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Specializations: American Politics: Campaigns and Elections, State Politics, Welfare Policy


The Department of Political Science offers the master of arts/master of science (M.A./M.S.) degree in political science and the master of public administration (M.P.A.), which is a professional degree. Areas of concentration are: American government and politics; comparative politics; public administration; and international relations. 


The master’s degree programs in the Department of Political Science are organized to fulfill a variety of student academic objectives and to provide training for several professional areas. Programs include training for individuals interested in careers in government service (national, state, and local), teaching (university, college, and secondary school), journalism, and research. Graduate students in political science benefit from contact with numerous politically articulate foreign students and American students often deeply involved with party, local, state, or national politics; from a well-traveled faculty with diverse academic and political interests; from small classes and individualized instruction; from informal activities relevant to political studies; and from organized and informal student groups concerned with international politics and with public administration.

Graduate assistantships are available. Applications for assistantships should be submitted by January 15 and no later than April 15. Recipients are normally notified by May 1, with earlier notification occurring in some cases. Special cases can be considered after May 1. (See stipend, service, and eligibility provisions elsewhere in this Catalog.)

The Center for Governmental Services

The Center for Governmental Services renders advisory, consulting, and research services to Indiana state and local governmental agencies and their elected and appointed public officials. The center provides research and training facilities, including a library, for graduate and advanced undergraduate students and gathers and disseminates employment information to students interested in government service. The center cooperates with federal, state, and local government units to provide internship opportunities through which students are able to enrich and supplement their classroom experiences. Using the data acquired through its various activities, the center attempts, through scholarly and popular publications and teaching, to advance knowledge about the science of government and the political process.


Master of Arts/Master of Science

NOTE:  As of Fall 2008, the Political Science Department is no longer accepting new students into the MA/MS program.

All general requirements for admission to and completion of a program in the College of Graduate and Professional Studies must be followed. In addition, a candidate for admission to study in the Department of Political Science must present a minimum of 18 semester hours of undergraduate credit in political science (or equivalent courses) and possess a minimum average of 2.75 (on a 4.0 scale) in all undergraduate courses. In order to receive financial aid in the department, a 2.75 average for all undergraduate courses and a 3.0 in political science courses is required. A student with less than 18 credit hours in political science or equivalent courses may be granted conditional admission, but the deficiencies must (ordinarily) be made up by taking courses without graduate credit. All students enrolled in the programs must submit to the department their Graduate Record Examination scores no later than the end of their first semester.

A student with an adequate background in political science may reasonably expect to complete work for the master’s degree with 33 credit hours of work (except for the master of public administration degree), of which six may be devoted to the master’s degree thesis. A wide diversity of choice is possible as some programs are designed for concentrated study in one or two areas, while others provide a broad coverage of political science.

Master of Public Administration

Students considered for admission to the masters of public administration degree must give evidence of a reasonable competence in academics and a clear desire to work as a professional in public or nonprofit administration. They must also meet the following expectations:

  1. Hold a bachelor’s degree in any academic field from an accredited college or university, with a minimum undergraduate grade point average of 2.75 earned in undergraduate work if the applicant has had no significant experience as an administrator. Mid-career students with significant experience in public or nonprofit management may be admitted conditionally with a minimum grade point average of 2.5 in their undergraduate work. Applicants may submit unofficial transcripts to the department during the application process, but official transcripts from the applicant’s undergraduate institution must be on file with the College of Graduate and Professional Studies for the applicant to be admitted unconditionally.
  2. Three letters of recommendation. Letters may originate from academic or professional references. Each letter must address either the applicant’s academic preparation or career goals. Applicants without professional experience may rely chiefly on references from former professors; mid-career applicants may rely chiefly on references from professional colleagues.
  3. A written statement of the applicant’s purpose in pursuing the degree. The statement should be from one to two pages, double-spaced, and ten to 12-type font. Graduate Record Examination test scores, or scores from any other standardized examination, are not required although the applicant may at her or his discretion submit test scores for consideration. In addition to application to the program, applicants must also apply to the College of Graduate and Professional Studies for admission to graduate studies and meet University requirements for admission to graduate study at ISU. Official transcripts should be directed to the College of Graduate and Professional Studies, but unofficial transcripts, letters, explanatory essays, and any test scores should be sent directly to the program director. Applicants may be admitted unconditionally if all admission requirements are met. Applicants may be admitted provisionally or with conditions under certain circumstances.
  4. Applicants seeking to complete the degree on-line must have significant public or nonprofit management experience.

Admission of International Students

International students must fulfill all requirements for admission to the Master of Public Administration Program outlined above. They must also meet the following requirements:

  1. TOEFL score of 550 or higher (paper) or equivalent on computer or Internet based tests.
  2. IELTS score of 7.5 or higher, or
  3. Both 500 on the verbal section and 5.0 on the analytical writing section of the Graduate Record Examination. There is no minimum or maximum on the mathematics section

Any international applicant who does not meet one of these requirements may be admitted conditionally. The right to recommend that any such applicant should take further English training at ISU before entering the program is reserved by the department. This training would consist of either Interlink courses or undergraduate English courses.


The Public Administration Program of the Department of Political Science offers two certificates of graduate study: a certificate of advanced study in public administration, and a certificate of advanced study in public personnel administration. The certificates are meant to introduce graduate study in public administration to students who may be contemplating enrollment in the M.P.A. Program, or to meet the needs of mid-career managers who may not need the volume of advanced course work offered through the M.P.A. Because course work for both programs is entirely Web-supported, enrollment from Indiana, from throughout the United States, and across the globe is encouraged. Students may apply for either program through the College of Graduate and Professional Studies. Applicants must submit an official transcript as proof of a bachelor’s degree and an acceptable grade point average from an accredited college or university. Applicants may be admitted conditionally on the basis of a graduate school application and unofficial transcripts, but each student must supply the College of Graduate and Professional Studies with an official transcript of all academic work before the program will extend unconditional admission. International applicants should also have a TOEFL score of at least 550 (paper) or equivalent on computer or Internet based tests, or provide equivalent evidence of English language proficiency. Students must maintain a B average to remain in either of these certificate programs.


The Department of Political Science offers a Graduate Certificate Program in American Government and Politics to serve the continuing education needs of international scholars and university professors who are currently teaching American government and politics courses in foreign universities. This program is also open to American graduate students who are pursuing professional development goals in a structured non-degree certificate program in order to have an in-depth study about various aspects of American political institutions, political behavior, and public policy issues. Applicants should meet admission requirements as a non-degree seeking graduate student. International scholars also must have a TOEFL score of 550 (or equivalent in computer administered test). All students admitted to this 12 credit hour program will complete the following graduate courses with a B grade or better, and will select elective courses in consultation with the director of graduate studies in political science. All course work is required to be completed at Indiana State University and no transfer credit from other institutions will we allowed toward this certificate program.


The Department of Political Science offers a graduate certificate program in international politics to serve the continuing education of community college teachers, secondary school social studies teachers, and non-degree seeking graduate students sponsored by foreign governments at various American agencies. This certificate program is also open to other ISU graduate students who want a structured, non-degree studies program on international politics and politics of world regions. Applicants for admission to the certificate program must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. International applicants must have a TOEFL score of 550. Application for admission to this certificate is made to the College of Graduate and Professional Studies. The coordinator of the International Politics Program serves as the academic advisor.


Individuals interested in teacher licensure are encouraged to consult with Education Students Services, College of Education 812-237-3131.

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