2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Aug 02, 2021  
2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived]


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Chairperson: Dr. Herschel Chait
Department Office: College of Business, room 621

The programs housed in the Organizational Department are those whose subject matter typically have an impact across an entire organization. These programs include: business education, information, and technology; management; management information systems; and marketing.


Program Coordinator: Dr. William J. Wilhelm

The Business Education, Information, and Technology Program offers the education and training needed for two categories of professional careers: business education and information design and end-user computing.


Degrees Offered

The information design and end-user computing major provides students with the skills needed to manage information processing, administrative services, and staff in businesses and other organizational environments. Completion of the program of study prepares students for positions as end-user information processing consultants, enterprise system user and technical training specialists, technical support specialists, technical writers, customer support specialists, office administrators, executive assistants, and business information analysts.

The business education major course work prepares students for positions as business teachers in junior high/middle school and high school settings. Students enrolling in the business education major also complete courses in Indiana State’s College of Education. The business education major meets the licensure requirements for teaching business courses in the public middle/junior high and high schools of Indiana.

A minor in information processing is open to any Indiana State student wishing to develop information-processing competencies in a business context.

Program Opportunities

Majors in both the Business Education and the Information Design and End-User Computing Programs are eligible to participate in the Business Education, Information, and Technology Work Scholarship Program. This program offers eligible candidates certain fee waivers and paid part-time employment positions in high-level administrative offices throughout the University. Students in both majors are also eligible for a broad array of scholarships available only to business education, information, and technology majors.

Students majoring in a Business Education, Information, and Technology Program have many opportunities to develop leadership and related skills through classroom and student organization activities. Business education majors who maintain a specified grade point average and meet other high standards will be invited to join Pi Omega Pi, the national undergraduate business education honor society. Pi Omega Pi aims to create fellowship among teachers of business subjects and to create and encourage interest and promote scholarship in business education through activities that involve civic responsibility and high ethical standards in business and professional life.

Business Professionals of America is a student organization that contributes to the preparation of a world-class workforce through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, academic, and technological skills. Membership in Business Professionals of America allows students to compete in regional and national demonstrations of their business technology skills, develop their professional and leadership skills, and network with one another and professionals across the nation. Business Professionals of America is a cohesive agent in the worldwide networking of education, business, and industry. All business majors may become members of Business Professionals of America.

As students in the College of Business, both business education and information design and end-user computing majors may be invited to join the business honorary Beta Gamma Sigma, or the professional business fraternities Delta Gamma Sigma and Alpha Kappa Psi. These organizations provide professional learning and networking opportunities, as well as social opportunities to meet other business students and faculty.


Students should be thoroughly familiar with the requirements of the teaching curriculum and admission to the professional Teacher Education Program. Refer to the College of Education and the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Media Technology section of this Catalog.

Students on a teaching curriculum must have a 2.5 or higher cumulative grade point average, a 2.5 or higher grade point average for the courses in the teaching area (major) and in professional education, and no grade lower than a C in professional education courses.


Program Coordinator: Dr. Arthur Sherwood

Management is fundamental to any organization. Study toward a degree in management is designed to prepare students with the skills needed by organizations to succeed in a rapidly changing world and to fit with their environment and society. Subjects studied provide students with fundamental knowledge in strategic management, people management, and organizational design. Additional opportunities are available to study international business management and small business management. Graduates of the Management Program at ISU are qualified for careers in manufacturing, retail, government, technology, international business/corporations, and business/not-for-profit services.


Degrees Offered

A major in management is offered in the College of Business.

Program Opportunities

Providing actual management experiences to students is one of the Management Program’s best assets. In addition to realistic projects associated with class work, management majors have opportunities to gain practical experience by completing cooperative practicums and internships in a variety of business/industrial/corporate settings. Past internship sites have included: Bemis, Kroger, and Chilitoe.

All management students may join the business fraternities Delta Sigma Pi and Alpha Kappa Psi as a means of meeting other business students and faculty, and participating in professional and academic business extracurricular activities. Students with an interest in human resource management can join the student chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management, a professional association. In addition, management students may be invited to join Beta Gamma Sigma, a business honorary.


Program Coordinator: Dr. Joseph Harder

Business today needs a strong means of remaining current with the ever-changing advances of information technology. Successful gathering and processing of information is a necessity if businesses expect to be competitive in today’s business world. The Management Information Systems Program at ISU emphasizes the study and understanding of sound business practices using today’s technology. Students gain expertise in system analysis and design, database management, telecommunications and networking, artificial intelligence, information resource management, business applications development, and organizational learning. Combined with a solid background of traditional business knowledge, management information systems graduates find careers such as systems analyst, business analyst, network administrator, web designer, programmer/analyst, user support specialist, or information technology sales.


Degrees Offered

Programs in management information systems include both a major and a minor.

Program Opportunities

Students at ISU majoring in management information systems may choose to join the Management Information Systems Association, a group of students with similar interests in this field, or the two business fraternities, Delta Sigma Pi and Alpha Kappa Psi. Management information systems majors may be invited to join the management information systems professional honorary, Alpha Iota Mu, or the general business honorary, Beta Gamma Sigma.

Internships and work experiences for majors in the growing field of management information systems are available in a wide range of businesses and industries. Students have completed internships with State Farm Insurance Company, Industrial Supply Corporation, SONY—DADC Corporation, Eli Lilly and Company, Sallie Mae Financial Services, Indiana State University, and American United Life Insurance Company.


Program Coordinator: Dr. Herschel Chait

Marketing is the development of ideas, goods, and services and the process of pricing, promoting, and distributing in a planned, organized manner to satisfy individual and organizational objectives. Marketing specialists and generalists are qualified for a diverse range of careers from research, promotion, and advertising, to the sales, distribution, and management of their company’s product. ISU’s Marketing Program offers students the knowledge needed to obtain professional positions in the field of marketing. Students study the aspects of marketing management through the investigation of buyer behavior, channel management, product and pricing, promotional strategy, and marketing research. Combining a solid core of traditional business study with a rich mixture of theoretical study and practical projects, the Marketing Program prepares students for careers in consumer and marketing research, sales, advertising, and diverse careers in the retail and commercial fields.


Degrees Offered

The Marketing Program offers students both a marketing major and a marketing minor.

Program Opportunities

Completion of an internship is encouraged. Marketing students have completed internships at Cadillac Products Packaging Company, March of Dimes, Industrial Supply, Indy Racing League, and Regions Bank. The American Marketing Association at ISU offers opportunities to explore common interests with students, faculty, and professionals in the marketing field. As students in the College of Business, marketing majors may be invited to join the business honorary Beta Gamma Sigma, or the professional business fraternities Delta Sigma Pi and Alpha Kappa Psi. These organizations provide both professional learning and networking opportunities, and social opportunities to meet other marketing and business students and faculty.

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