2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jul 15, 2024  
2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived]


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Chairperson: Dr. Virgil L. Sheets
Department Office: Root Hall, room B-205
Web site: http://www.indstate.edu/psych/
E-mail: psychdept@indstate.edu

The Department of Psychology works to assist students to achieve their personal and professional potential. The department encourages a spirit of active inquiry and critical thinking, lifelong learning and development, and social responsibility. The curriculum is based on the premise that any student of psychology, regardless of professional goals, should be well informed about basic principles of behavior. Upon graduation, psychology majors enter careers in service industries, research, government, and business. Advanced degrees are required for many direct service careers, and the undergraduate degree prepares students for graduate study in psychology and related fields.

In support of the liberal arts and sciences mission of the college and Indiana State University, the Department of Psychology participates in the General Education Program, the Honors Program, and the Women’s Studies Program.

Degrees Offered

The Department of Psychology offers one curriculum leading to a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science degree with a major in psychology. Candidates for either degree must successfully complete the University requirement of a minimum of 124 credit hours, including General Education course work, as well as the requirements for the departmental major. Candidates for a bachelor of arts degree must also complete two years, or the equivalent, of a foreign language. Students are encouraged to find a minor that complements their career goals, although a minor is not required for a degree.

The psychology major is designed to provide students with a broad background in core areas of psychology. Psychology majors are encouraged to plan an individualized program of study in keeping with their academic and career interests, and in consultation with their advisor. Consistent with this orientation, the department offers a limited number of required courses and has created a flexible curriculum with a number of attractive course work options depending on students’ particular goals. Special care is taken to involve all students in scientific research or the application of psychology in community settings. A prychology minor can also be earned as a complement to a variety of different majors.  

The sociology minor is also offered through the Psychology Department. A minor in sociology provides foundational knowledge of social structures and behavior for students of criminology and criminal justice, psychology, social work, and family and human development studies.  Sociological training is also very valuable for students entering teaching, nursing, business, and technology.  The sociology faculty at ISU are happy to consult with students regarding the value of sociological study as a supplement to their particular major.  An optional internship/field placement is available for minors who wish to jump-start their plans for employment following graduation. 

Social studies education majors may choose to become certified to teach sociology or psychology in secondary schools.

Departmental Opportunities

Majors and minors in the department are encouraged to confer with their faculty academic advisor about their career goals. Students who work closely with their advisor are more likely to meet their goals and achieve academic success; this is especially important in the junior and senior years. The college office, in consultation with the department, assigns faculty academic advisors for psychology and sociology students. Yhey can find their assigned advisor by consulting the college, the department, or their DARS.

The department is housed in three floors of Root Hall, which was built in 1989. The department includes a well-equipped computer laboratory, research space, a psychology clinic, and classroom and office space. The department also houses the Survey Research Laboratory that offers psychology and sociology students opportunities to conduct research as part of their academic work, to assist in faculty-sponsored projects, and/or to conduct research of their own. 

The department sponsors the Psychological Society, which is open to all students interested in psychology, and Psi Chi, a national psychology honorary society, which is open by invitation only to junior and senior psychology majors in good academic standing. All students are invited to attend a variety of lectures and symposia presented by faculty and visiting national and international scholars.

Each year, awards are presented to outstanding students in psychology and sociology, including the André Hammonds Award is presented to an outstanding sociology student who exhibits academic excellence and notable service to the community.

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