2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Dec 05, 2023  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Biology (TSAP)

The biology major trains students in the fundamental concepts and laboratory techniques of the biological sciences across a wide range of areas of emphasis; these, in turn, allow students to pursue a wide range of careers. Biology majors also receive practical training in field and laboratory biology, which also prepares them for academic, industrial, and governmental careers.

Degree Map (TSAP)

Students transferring into the program from a community college with an A.S. degree will follow this pathway to finish in 2 years. Summer courses could expedite the process. Students must enter with Calculus 1.

Notes: Students will have one year of intro biology and one year of general chemistry as part of the TSAP A.S. degree. Students will have calculus as part of the TSAP A.S. degree. Students come in with either organic chemistry or physics (per Commission approved TSAP agreement) and will take the other at ISU. Students will have two of three of genetics, ecology or molecular biology and take the other at ISU. Grid provides options with MAJR ELECM and GEN ELEC. Some electives are only taught spring or fall. For some career choices, the student will need additional courses beyond the minimal required credit hours from the MAJR ELECM to be employed in certain fields; either MAJR ELECM or GEN ELEC can be used to customize a student’s program. This grid allows for these changes. If a student wants a Chemistry minor (or most other minors), this schedule will allow for that contingency.

Fall 1st Year


    14 Credits

Spring 1st Year

Fall 2nd Year

Spring 2nd Year