2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jun 22, 2024  
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived]

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Certificate Program

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(19-22 credits)

The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA) Certificate Program is an externally administered , innovative course of study that leads to the Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential by preparing students for disciplinary-based careers in all nonprofit subsectors: faith-based; youth, human, and social services; environmental and conservation; animal-rights; fine, performing, and studio arts, humanities, and cultural; educational and historical; health and medical-related; and international non-governmental organizations. Completion of this certificate program may also satisfy the University Honors Program - Leadership and Civic Engagement Concentration. 

To attain the NLA-CNP, students must complete nonprofit education work on the 10 nonprofit leadership competencies in 4 areas: 1) complete coursework; 2) participate in AMI National Conference; 3) demonstrate leadership and followership in the Nonprofit Leadership Students Association; and 4) complete a nonprofit sector internship. Students must complete a Bachelor’s degree at Indiana State University before the CNP can be awarded, as well as must complete the certification procedures through the national NLA online profile system. All students joining the NLA program must pay a $25.00 one-time joining fee to the national Nonprofit Leadership Alliance office, as well as a one-time $100.00 certification processing fee upon completion of the program. The requirement to attend the national NLA Alliance Management/Leadership Institute (AMI national conference) also typically costs approximately $500 to $1000 for registration, transportation, housing, meals, etc. per student.

Required Courses:

Foundations and Management of the Nonprofit Sector

Program Development

Choose one 3 credit hour experience from the following Program Planning & Leadership or Program Evaluation courses:

Financial Resource Development & Management

Financial Resource Management (i.e., Fundraising)

Financial Resource Management (i.e., Program Budgeting & Accounting)

Choose one from the following:

Personal & Professional Development

Choose one from the following:

Complete one of the Following Required Internship Credits/Packages:

 *Note: All NLA internships must be in a nonprofit organization for a minimum of 300 contact hours and count for a minimum of 3 credit hours via ISU. A minimum of five NLA competencies must be significantly addressed through pre-determined internship goals and objectives. NLA Campus/Executive Director must co-plan, co-advise, and co-supervise any non-RCSM 493 internship being double-counted for the NLA internship requirement.

Required Co-Curricular Experiences:

Complete required Leadership and Followership requirements in the Nonprofit Leadership Student Association:

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