2011-2012 Graduate Catalog 
    Jul 14, 2024  
2011-2012 Graduate Catalog [Archived]

Technology Management Ph.D.

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The Ph.D. in Technology Management Program is approved for offering through a consortium of universities making extensive use of the Internet delivery system. It is a virtual organizational concept recognizing the role of each member university. Procedures for graduation are defined on the Web site.

Indiana State University is the degree awarding university. The doctoral degree candidate must complete all requirements within nine years of admission, and six years after admission to candidacy. Application for graduation must be made after completion of:

  1. All course requirements as defined in the student program of studies.
  2. Completion of a dissertation and defense of the dissertation before the dissertation committee.
  3. File the original and two copies of the dissertation and four copies of the dissertation abstract with the College of Graduate and Professional Studies at Indiana State University and one copy of the dissertation at the consortium university of the director of the dissertation.
  4. Recommended for the degree by the consortium university coordinator, the director of the Ph.D. in Technology Management Program, and the dean of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies at Indiana State University.
  5. Pay the graduation fee including the cost of the doctoral hood, all costs for binding, mailing, microfilming, and publication of the dissertation.

Participation in the graduation ceremony is the choice of the graduating student and may occur at Indiana State University and/or at the consortium university of choice.

A minimum of 90 credit hours of approved graduate credit is required. Successful completion of proficiency examinations in research tools, preliminary examinations, residency, dissertation, and defense of the dissertation are also required to earn the Ph.D. The program planning committee for each student recommends on the program  of studies and the use of previously taken course work acceptable to the program. Approved consortium university courses are not considered transfer, but as consortium credits. Program study areas are:

General Technology Core (12-18 credits):

The General Technology Core is designed to provide conceptual framework for studies in technology. This core emphasizes the relationship of technology to the societal context from which it operates.

Research Core and Dissertation (27-30 credits):

The research core is composed of course work in research design, methodology, and statistical analysis. A dissertation (18 credits) requiring original research on technology is required.

Technical Specialization (24-30 credits):

Technical specializations are currently available in five areas including manufacturing systems, construction management, quality systems, digital communications, and human resource development and industrial training.

Internship (6 credits):

The internship is designed to provide the opportunity to test and experiment in industry, research organizations, government agencies, and other ventures associated with technology transfer and application. It is intended to support the area of technical specialization and provide opportunities for dissertation research.

Cognate Studies (12-18 credits):

The cognate studies may include previous graduate work, usually within the previous seven years, or the opportunity to develop an additional concentrated area of study. Studies can be outside of the normal area of studies in technology.

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