2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Sep 28, 2023  
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived]

Military Science

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Director: LTC Brian Freidhoff, Army Reserve Officer Training Corps Program (ROTC)
Department Office:  John T. Myers Technology Center Room TC 212
Web site:
Telephone:  (812) 877-8978 or 8963 or 8345 

Army ROTC is a program open to all full-time students at Indiana State University.  It is not a degree program, although it complements any degree program.  Upon completion of the course curriculum, students earn a commission as an officer in the Active or Reserve Component (Federal Reserves or National Guard) of the Army.

Program Description

The ROTC Program builds students’ leadership expertise, communication skills, and self-confidence.  Leadership and management skills taught in ROTC are in high demand in the civilian market as well as the military.  These leadership skills often complement other academic degree programs to make a student more marketable upon graduation.  The program includes the Basic Course curriculum for freshmen and sophomores and the Advanced Course curriculum for juniors and seniors.  The on-campus Basic Courses focus on military leadership, basic military concepts, management techniques and hands-on training during the laboratory sessions.  There is no obligation to serve in the military to take the Basic Courses.  The Advanced Course concentrates on small team tactical operations as well as advanced techniques of management, leadership training and command operations.  The Advanced Courses are offered to cadets who have contracted to serve in the Army after graduation and are generally closed to other students.

Qualified students must satisfy certain administrative requirements for enrollment and retention in the Advanced Course.  There are several ways to accelerate the program if a student has missed taking some or all of the Basic Courses:

  1. ROTC offers a 28-day Leaders Training Course (LTC) for motivated and qualified students who wish to commit to the program no later than the second semester of their sophomore year.  LTC is conducted either during the summer between their freshman and sophomore or between the sophomore and junior years.  LTC is at Fort Knox, Kentucky and is offered at no cost to the student.  Students may compete for an Army ROTC Scholarship, when available, for the remaining two years of college at the Leaders Training Course or for other scholarships as opportunities are available.  Upon completion of LTC, rising juniors earn constructive ROTC credit for the Military Science I and II Basic Courses and are accelerated into the Advanced Course.  Rising sophomores who complete LTC during the summer between their freshman and sophomore years earn constructive ROTC credit for the Military Science I courses.
  1. Another option for acceleration into the Advanced Course is the Alternate Entry Option (AEO).  Students pursuing this option must be highly motivated and physically fit, possess a 3.0 grade point average, and be approved by the Professor of Military Science. Contracted junior cadets attend the Leaders Training Course the summer between their junior and senior years and then attend the Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC), also known as “Warrior Forge” at Fort Lewis, Washington, during the summer immediately following their senior year.  They then are commissioned as an Army officer at the end of LDAC.
  2. Another option to enter Army ROTC is by completing sister service ROTC, such as Air Force ROTC, and requesting a transfer to Army ROTC prior to the beginning of the senior year.  Consideration is on a case-by-case basis and requires approval of the Army ROTC Professor of Military Science. 

  3. Students who are veterans or students who have completed Army Basic Training or Advanced Individual Training should contact the ROTC Program office concerning credit for part or all of the ROTC Basic Course.  Graduate students who can commit to two full time years of graduate study should also contact the Army ROTC Program office for more details.
  1. Qualified students may seek permission to compress the freshmen and sophomore classes, allowing completion of the basic course in one year.  This is an exception.

Credits received as a result of successfully completing military science course work may count toward degree requirements as open electives.  Students must consult with their academic advisor or specific academic major department to determine if Army ROTC courses count for electives.  Grades received for military science course completion are included in the cumulative grade point average.

Program Opportunities

Allowances and Incentives:  Military science textbooks and uniforms are furnished to the students without charge. Students enrolled and contracted receive monthly stipend allowances based on their year according to the table below: 

            Contracted Freshman - $350 monthly stipend for 10 months

            Contracted Sophomores - $400 monthly stipend for 10 months

            Contracted Juniors - $450 monthly stipend for 10 months

            Contracted Seniors - $500 monthly stipend for 10 months 

Cadets attending LTC or LDAC during summer months receive an ROTC-based salary while in training.

Scholarships:  The Department of the Army annually awards a limited number of four-, three-, and two-year Army ROTC scholarships to qualified scholar-athlete student leaders.  Scholarships are awarded based on merit and include several criteria.  The scholarship covers either the cost of tuition and laboratory fees or the cost of room and board.  This choice is at the scholarship awardee’s discretion.  This monthly stipend, which ranges from $350 to $500 each month, for up to ten months per year, is in addition to the scholarship.  

Four-year and three year national scholarships are open to high school seniors prior to entering Army ROTC as college freshmen.  For application information visit the Army ROTC web site at:  GoArmy.com/ROTC/scholarships for more information

Any student enrolled at Indiana State University may apply for an on-campus three- or two-year scholarship based on merit, leadership potential, and a recommendation by the Professor of Military Science.  Full details regarding the on-campus scholarship program may be obtained by visiting the Indiana State University Army ROTC offices in the Myers Technology Center, Room 212, or by calling the ISU ROTC office at (812) 237-3646, by calling the ROTC Recruiting Operations Officer at cell (219) 242-5218 or by calling the Army ROTC Human Resources Technician at (812) 877-8260.

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