2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Oct 03, 2023  
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived]

Applied Engineering and Technology Management

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Chairperson: Dr. M. Affan Badar
Department Office: Myers Technology Center, room 201
Web site:
Phone: 812-237-3377
Fax: 812-237-4527

The Department of Applied Engineering and Technology Management [AETM] prepares students for professional careers in management, supervision, education, training, and applied engineering in a variety of technical disciplines. Students may choose from among several baccalaureate degree majors that offer a balance of classroom study and experience in modern laboratories, and are responsive to the changes and needs of industry and education in the areas of technology and engineering education. Baccalaureate degree programs are offered in advanced manufacturing management, automotive engineering technology, civil engineering technology, engineering technology (with a choice of concentration among several areas), mechanical engineering technology, packaging engineering technology, technology and engineering education, and technology management. Graduates from these degree programs are employed in various industrial companies, educational agencies, and government branches. Additional department offerings include minors in advanced manufacturing management, automotive engineering technology, automotive technology management, computer-aided design and drafting, lean six sigma, packaging, and technology and engineering education. The department also offers a certificate in lean six sigma.

DegreeLink Program

AETM offers baccalaureate degree-completion programs in engineering technology, mechanical engineering technology, and technology management to students through the University’s DegreeLink program. DegreeLink, an extended-access, degree-completion program, enables students who have earned credit hours and associate degrees from accredited institutions to transfer credit hours as a block or on a course-by-course basis to baccalaureate degree programs. (See the DegreeLink program description in the catalog.)

Advanced Manufacturing Management

The Advanced Manufacturing Management program, accredited by ATMAE, provides students with the knowledge and management skills needed to pursue a manufacturing career. Manufacturing, one of the leading industries in the United States, needs trained professionals who can improve processes and products in an increasingly competitive world market. Graduates are competent in both the technical and managerial aspects of advanced manufacturing, and find employment as quality specialists, manufacturing engineers, project engineers, supervisors/managers, and in a variety of jobs in the manufacturing industry.

Automotive Engineering Technology  

The Automotive Engineering Technology program, accredited by ATMAE, combines the theory, laboratory, and practical experiences needed for careers in automotive and related industries. The program is concerned with all areas of the automotive and wheeled transportation industries. The program integrates classroom and laboratory experiences to give the student experience with the design, theory of operation, and testing of modern automotive components used in road and off-road vehicles, and the skills to manage these and other automotive-related operations such as dealerships, parts and service operations, and fleet management.

Civil Engineering Technology

The Civil Engineering Technology program will prepare graduates with the technical and managerial skills necessary to enter careers in the planning, design, construction, operation or maintenance of the built environment and global infrastructure. Graduates will be able to analyze and design systems, specify project methods and materials, perform cost estimates and analyses, and manage technical activities in support of civil projects.

Engineering Technology

The Engineering Technology program produces graduates whose critical thinking skills and knowledge of various engineering technologies make them highly valued assets to a wide variety of industries. In addition to taking an engineering technology program core, which includes a variety of laboratory experiences, students will select one engineering technology concentration from the following choices: automotive, mechanical, and packaging engineering technology within AETM; and computer and electronics engineering technology in conjunction with the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology (ECET).

Mechanical Engineering Technology

The Mechanical Engineering Technology program, with accreditation from ABET/ETAC, prepares graduates with knowledge, problem- solving ability, and hands-on skills to enter careers as engineers, technical managers, or technologists in the design, installation, manufacturing, testing, evaluation, technical sales, maintenance, or management of mechanical and related systems and processes. The program focuses on engineering design, analysis, management, and manufacturing. The design courses address design of mechanical tools, machines, and products. The management courses prepare students to manage people, resources, and systems related to mechanical engineering and manufacturing. Throughout the program, emphasis is given on theory and application of mechanical engineering technology discipline as well as hands-on experience of mechanical design including computer-aided design (CAD).

Packaging Engineering Technology

The Packaging Engineering Technology program, accredited by ATMAE, prepares students to become professionals in the challenging and demanding industrial environment of packaging engineering and management. Program instruction is designed to involve students in combinations of classroom learning situations and hands-on laboratory experiences. These activities allow students to explore the use and application of machines and test equipment, learn design techniques, and gain an understanding of the management function. The program utilizes new and well-equipped laboratories.

Technology and Engineering Education

The Technology and Engineering Education program prepares students to teach in the areas of pre-engineering, communications, construction, advanced manufacturing, biotechnology, and power and energy. The content of the degree is derived extensively from technology and the impact that technology makes on society and the environment.  Graduates desiring teaching licensure for the secondary schools of Indiana must meet the requirements of the technology and engineering education major under the teaching curriculum. AETM has an articulation agreement with Ivy Tech Community College that allows for seamless transfer of credits to the Technology and Engineering Education Program.

Technology Management

The Technology Management program, accredited by ATMAE, is designed primarily as a degree completion transfer program to articulate with accredited Associate of Science (A.S.) and Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) programs in industrial and engineering technology-related fields; however, high school graduates may be admitted into the program at the freshman level. The program focuses on the technology management skills needed to prepare students for career advancement in supervision and management. Graduates of the program are competent in supervision, quality control, production planning, workplace law, project management, and a variety of other skills that prepare them for leadership positions in industry and technology companies.

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