2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jul 16, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived]

University Foundational Studies

Mission of the Foundational Studies Program

Indiana State University is committed to providing students with a high quality education that will develop their intellectual abilities while providing them with the skills and knowledge base they will need to successfully navigate the complexities of the twenty-first century. Indiana State’s Foundational Studies Program is the cornerstone of this goal.  The Foundational Studies curriculum seeks to create well rounded individuals; students therefore have the opportunity to take courses in science, history, literature, behavioral sciences, and the fine arts.  The Foundational Studies Program also seeks to prepare students for active lives as citizens and includes courses on ethical behavior, social responsibility, and global perspectives.  Together, the major and the Foundational Studies curriculum prepare students to be effective communicators, critical thinkers, and informed decision makers.

Learning Outcomes for Foundational Studies:

  1. Locate, critically read, and evaluate information to solve problems;
  2. Critically evaluate the ideas of others;
  3. Apply knowledge and skills within and across the fundamental ways of knowing (natural sciences, social and behavioral sciences, arts and humanities, mathematics, and history);
  4. Demonstrate an appreciation of human expression through literature and fine and performing arts;
  5. Demonstrate the skills for effective citizenship and stewardship;
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of diverse cultures within and across societies;
  7. Demonstrate the skills to place current and local experience in a global, cultural, and historical context;
  8. Demonstrate an understanding of the ethical implications of decisions and actions;
  9. Apply principles of physical and emotional health to wellness;
  10. Express themselves effectively, professionally, and persuasively both orally and in writing.

Foundational Studies Categories  

University Foundational Studies: Learning Outcomes and Category Learning Outcomes