2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
    May 23, 2024  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived]

Special Education Learning Outcomes

Outcome 1, Foundations: Candidates will demonstrate knowledge of foundations of special education and its educational role
1.1 Legal, regulatory, and ethical issues: Candidates will identify historical and current legal, regulatory, and ethical issues in special education.
1.2 Characteristics of disabilities and of learners having those disabilities: Candidate will identify the disabilities covered in IDEA, including category characteristics and learner characteristics.
1.3 Behavioral issues and interventions: Candidate will identify the motivation behind behavior issues and develop interventions to address inappropriate behaviors.
Outcome 2, Teaching: Candidates will demonstrate proficiency in teaching students with exceptional learning needs.
2.1 Content: Candidate will appropriate plan and teach content to students with exceptional needs.
2.2 Assistive Technology: Candidate will analyze current practices in assistive technology and apply the knowledge for a specific student.
2.3 Impact of Instruction: Candidate will investigate the impact of instruction and other factors on students’ learning.
2.4 Inclusive programs: Candidate will develop an inclusive program for a student with exceptional learning needs.
2.5 Assessment: Candidate will appropriately develop, individualize, apply, and interpret assessments with regards to students with exceptional needs.
Outcome 3, Professional Behavior: Candidates will demonstrate professional and collegial behavior with all stakeholders via collaborative and reflective practices.
3.1 Collaboration with stakeholders: Candidate will collaborate with all stakeholders to provide a positive learning environment for students with exceptional needs.
3.2 Collaboration with school personnel: Candidate will collaborate with school personnel.
3.3 Reflection on practice: Candidate will reflect on their professional practice.